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Fic Rec

multi-chap stories (Brittany/Santana)

Challenge Accepted [PG]

Color [PG-13]

Lover Dearest [PG-13]

Teenage Dream [PG-13]

Mischances, Stances and Stolen Glances [PG-13]

Memories of Yesterday [PG-13]

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [PG-13]

What Boys Can't Provide [PG-13]

White Shadows [NC-17]

If Only You Could See What I See [NC-17]

Let's Blame the Heat [NC-17]

I'd Rather Be Flying Than Falling [NC-17]

The Girl Next Door [NC-17]

Influence [NC-17]

Lake Hope [NC-17]

With These Words, Sincerely Yours [NC-17]

Push and Pull [NC-17]

Push and Pull: Scent [NC-17]

- Push and Pull: Regrets and Regression [R/NC-17]

The World is a Stage [NC-17]

Random Acts [NC-17]

We Become Who We Are When We Fall In Love [NC-17]

The Pool Girl [NC-17]

Growing Pains [NC-17] (Girl!Peen)

I'll Teach You To Dance [NC-17]

Clockwork [NC-17]


Crowd Surf Off A Cliff [NC-17]

Free Falling From a Work in Progress [NC-17]

What is Done in the Dark [NC-17]

They Say Bad Things Happen For A Reason [NC-17]

Caught Between Trusting You and Knowing Me [NC-17]

(I've Never Reached An Answer) I'm Only Given Clues [NC-17]

Building Homes From What We've Known [NC-17]

one shots/anything by: (Brittany/Santana)


thefooliam and check her tumblr





Sappho's Ghost




Of Course You're My Armageddon [R]

The New Year Trilogy - thefooliam

This Love Of Mine

I'm So Tired


multi-chap stories (Naya/Heather)

The Latte Girl [PG-13]

Halfway to Anywhere [PG-13]


It's Never Easy (It's Like Trying to Spin the World the Other Way) - have to join community [NC-17]

Chase My Dream or Keep The Girl (It's Gonna Cut Deep Either Way) have to friend icerose92 [NC-17]

one-shots (Naya/Heather)

Let The Spectrum In [NC-17]

Initiative and Execution [NC-17]

Changing Room Encounters [NC-17] (AU)

This Could Be The Very Minute [Hard R]

Enough is Never Quite Enough [Hard R]

It's on the Tip of my Tongue [R]

Since You've Been Gone [R]

Band Of Gold [PG-13]

Blueberry Muffins [PG-13]


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